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Re: Sabre Tooth tiger DNA reconstruction

JOwen82504@aol.com wrote:
> Dear all,
> I recently heard a rumour that research is currently underway to try to find
> the 'recipe' for the DNA make up of the sabre tooth tiger, using a
> combination of fossilized materials and knowledge about the DNA composition
> of contemporary 'big cats'.  Sounds crazy doesn't it?!
> If anyone knows anything about this/has any comments, please email me. I will
> post anything that I find out to the list.
> Thanks and happy new year!
> Jonathan Owen

Not crazy at all.  There is plenty of (relatively) recent remains of the
in good condition and they are not going to be that far off present day
cats so they
have a good basis for comparison.  They should be able to get the DNA from
the remains
available.  They stand a good chance of getting good data.  Theoretically,
there is no
reason why they can't do it, although I have yet to hear of anyone that has
done so.
I have also heard of a group that is trying for the passenger pigeon if I
correctly.  They have an advantage in that there are preserved specimens in
museums to
collect DNA from, but the cat researchers stand a good chance (after a LOT
of work).
Welcome to the wonderful world of PCR and ancient DNA research.

[Finally, a question that I CAN claim a good bit of knowledge:)]


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