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RE: Sabre Tooth tiger DNA reconstruction

Jonathan said:
>I recently heard a rumour that research is currently underway to try to
>the 'recipe' for the DNA make up of the sabre tooth tiger, using a
>combination of fossilized materials and knowledge about the DNA
>composition of contemporary 'big cats'.  Sounds crazy doesn't it?!
>If anyone knows anything about this/has any comments, please email >me.
I will post anything that I find out to the list.

I have heard a rumour that most of the big, extinct, prehistoric cats of
North America were being considered to be reclassed, so that everything
we've recently been attributing to Leo (lion) may actually be Pantherus
(tiger), so I don't know if Smiledon would be in either group (some how I
doubt it-even with the common name Sabertooth Tiger), or if the ancient
prehistoric cat that USED to be an awfully big lion in the La Brea tar
pits is now being considered a tiger or not.

Just to add some confusion to your research....