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Stephen Throop wrote:

> Crocs eat meat and swim fast with their big tails.  African herd mammals
> eat plants and swim slowly with their hoofs.  Duckbills had big tails.
> Does parsimony dictate that because they ate plants, they must have swum
> as slowly as modern herd mammals?

Hadrosaurs *did not* use their tails to swim like crocodilians, if this is
what you're implying. The muscular *base* of the crocodilian tail is where
all the power needed to push the body through the water comes from.
Hadrosaur tails are narrow at the base and stiffened with ossified tendons
throughout most of their length; there is no possibility that they were
capable of moving their tails in the same manner as crocodilians.

Brian Franczak (franczak@ntplx.net)