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Dino encyclopedia-Mac version

Lawrence Dunn wrote:

>> ALLOSAURUS                    (strange reptile)
>> FAMILY: Allosauridae
>> ERA:Late Jurassic  ( Kimmeridgian - Tithonian   156-144 mya ).
>> SIZE: 12 m  (40 ft)  (Australian 5-6m / 18 ft)
>> LOCATION: Nth America  ( Morrison Formation in Colorado, Montana, New
>> Mexico, Oklahoma, Sth Dakota, Utah and Wyoming, USA.  [A. fragilis])
>>          Africa  ( Tendaguru Beds, Mtwara, TANZANIA.  [A. tendagurensis])
>>          Australia.  (Dinosaur Cove,Otway Ranges, Victoria, AUSTRALIA).
>> FOSSILS: 3 complete skulls, partial & complete skeletons of at least 60
>> animals of A. fragilis, tibia only of A. tendagurensis.  Astralagus from
>> Australia, species undefined.
>> Ancestor of Tyrannosaurus but smaller.

>Whoops! Is this in the PC version too?

No - in fact it is not even in the Mac version. I grabbed the example bits
from an older pre-corrections file without, I'm afraid, reading it all
properly. This came from version 1 of the encyclopedia, back in the days
when this was thought to be correct. Thanks for pointing it out, Lawrence.
While on the subject, I have had a number of replies and there does seem to
be some interest. After some discussion about possible distribution modes
etc the final offer comes down to this:
The files I mentioned in my previous posting a couple of days ago, in Word
for Mac format (or any other format that I can save it in, such as
Wordperfect etc), zipped, with the remainder of the disc filled up with
zipped pictures. Cost A$10 plus postage (about US$8) and upgrades available
at same frequency as the IBM version (18-24 months) - cost of these still to
be decided but definitely NOT more than $10. I will be sending out order
forms to those who have already contacted me - anyone else who is interested
please let me know off-list.
Graeme Worth
HyperWorks Reference Software