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Feduccia ORIGIN

I got a copy of Feduccia's THE ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF BIRDS (Yale University
Press, 1996) today and have read through about the first three chapters. So
far, it looks like an impressive achievement, overall, and is, for the most
part, up to date. Regrettably, the discovery of the feathered Chinese beast
came too late to be included, and so his comment that there is not a single
example of a feathered dinosaur is instantly obsolete (Feduccia considers
_Archaeopteryx_ a "true" bird, and not a theropod).

I would warn those to whom the "avian dinosaur/nonavian dinosaur" paradigm is
dear that Feduccia is arguing strongly for a nondinosaurian origin of birds
(and making his argument skillfully and persuasively).

Caitlin R. Kiernan

[ If I might throw in a note of caution, others have not been so
  impressed with the book (I personally haven't seen it yet).  You
  might want to take a look at other comments posted to this list:


  (Note that these are not the only other mentions the book has gotten
  here, but they certainly serve to illustrate another perspective.)
  -- MR ]