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Colorado centrosaurine

     Darren Tanke's query (Digest 163) about the apparent absence of any 
     bona fide Centrosaurus outside of Alberta raised some interesting 
     thoughts about Campanian dinosaur biogeography.
     This also brought to mind a report of a "Centrosaurus" skeleton from 
     near Rangely, Colorado (noted by R.G. Young and H.R. Bollan, in 
     Averett, W.R., ed., 1991, Guidebook for dinosaur quarries and 
     tracksites, western Colorado and eastern Utah: Grand Junction 
     Geological Society, p. 47-48).  The material is not illustrated or 
     discussed, and I suspect that the specimen may not necessarily be a 
     true Centrosaurus (probably better relegated to centrosaurine indet., 
     possibly Monoclonius?).
     Nevertheless, the presence of a centrosaurine in Colorado is certainly 
     of note.  Does anyone out there have further information on this 
     Colorado occurrence?
     Brian Witzke