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"Sue", the K-T event, and an exploding planet.

[ Everyone take a d-e-e-e-e-p breath before reading this message.  If
  you respond, please only answer the two questions posed at the end
  (they're pretty simple -- I think I could give pretty good answers
  off the top of my head, but I'd rather let others with firmer
  knowledge take them).  Please don't delve too deeply into the prior
  text; so far as I know, Oliver Stone does not subscribe to this
  list, and I'd rather not see him given a reason to join us...  I'm
  not proscribing other sorts of answers for now, just providing some
  advice I think will help us all live happily ever after. -- MR ]

Recently science reporter Richard Hoagland reported that Paleontologists
had initially discovered that "Sue" had living tissue still resident in its
thigh bone. Supposedly, this appeared in peer-reviewed published papers and
was reported in the New York Times. Also, that the T-Rex skeleton is
radioactive. And that these are the real reasons for the governments
seizure of "Sue". This is because it may relate to an astronomical disaster
that occured in our solar system as a result of a cataclysmic disaster by
an ancient technological society in our solar system's past. The exploding
planet theory, put forth by astronomer, Dr. Tom Van Flandern, has recently
been gaining corroborating data for its model in the heavens and now is
looking for other telltale signs on Earth. It states that a planet between
the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (in which we now find the asteroid belt)
experienced a complete anhilation by some sort of atomic explosion and that
the radio isotopes found in dinosaur skeletons is one small bit of the
corroborating data in this model. If a natural asteroid caused the K-T
event, there should not be radioactivity found in dinosaur skeleton's like
Sue. Our government is suppressing the truth of our origins which are that
we are the dim descendents of an ancient technology human society living on
that ill-fated planet as well as Mars, Earth and several moons throughout
the solar system. Also evidenced by the monuments on Mars as well as the
moon and now two of Jupiter's moons show apparently unnatural geography.

My questions are:

1) What is the truth about the "Living tissue found in Sue's thigh bone"?
Does anybody know? Did anyone have time to study it before the government
seized it?

2) Are most dinosaur skeletons found to be radioactive?

I can only imagine what those on this list will think of the exploding
planet causing the K-T extinction...

S.S. Lazarus