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Re: Crocodiles and Dinosaurs

Brian Franczak wrote:
and Stephen Throop wrote:

and Paul Willis wrote too.

Further to this whole topic, forgive me but I can't help but wonder what the
contested issue is here.  Is there really any question as to whether those
very large crocodiles living in the Cretaceous period ate dinosaurs that came
down to the water's edge?

-- We know that these crocodiles existed
-- We know they were huge
-- We know that crocodiles today feed upon large migrating mammals which enter
their habitat; they are aggressive and powerful predators upon very large
mammalian prey. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you told me that the really
big crocodiles take lions now and then; likewise, I wouldn't be surprised if a
fifty-foot Deinosuchus took a tyrannosaurid into its waterhole.

What would a fifty-foot Deinosuchus eat?  If it fed only on small dinosaurs or
other small animals (let's say, animals the size of modern crocodiles' prey),
why would it gratuitously support a fifty-foot frame?

I've been keeping up with the posts.  What am I missing here that is causing
this to be at issue?  And what do crows have to do with the question?



[ I've received another message suggesting that the dinosaur-eating
  crocodile thread has outlived its usefulness.  I recommend that people use
  the above to create a final summary rather than a launching point for
  continued discussion.  -- MR ]