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Re: Feduccia ORIGIN

In a message dated 97-01-08 17:44:42 EST, Gothgrrl@aol.com writes:

> I would warn those to whom the "avian dinosaur/nonavian dinosaur"
> paradigm is dear that Feduccia is arguing strongly for a
> nondinosaurian origin of birds (and making his argument skillfully
> and persuasively).

The title of Norell & Chiappe's review of Feduccia's book gives you a handle
on their opinion of it. See:

Norell, M. A. & Chiappe, L. M., 1996. "Flight from reason," Nature 384(6606):
230 [November 21, 1996; review of Feduccia, 1996: The Origin and Evolution of

The characters shared by the earliest birds and certain groups of theropods
are too numerous and too specific to be accounted for by any kind of
convergence, particularly in view of the highly disparate lifestyles of birds
and theropods. So, most unfortunately, the systematics in the first third of
Feduccia's book is largely bunk.