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'primitive aetosaur'

Good Morning

Can anyone help me providing some more information about the recently 
found remains of the  'aetosaurian with sabre-like teeth', a supposed 
carnivorous early representative of the Aetosauria, which could help 
shedding some light on the murky origins of that group. Is this new 
find consisting of quite complete material or is it a  partial jaw? 
Has it the typical 'upturned' snout? Has anyone seen illustrations?

In older textbooks (e.g. Handbuch der Palaeoherpelogie, partim 
Thecodontia, eds Kuhn) aetosaurs  are considered as carrion-feeders 
or omnivorous. The more recent texts talk (as far as I know) of 
herbivorous attitudes (i.a. digging up roots and so). Is there a consensus  
about their palaeo-ecology? Where they semi-aquatic or fully 
Just some  questions.

Pieter Depuydt