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RE: crocs and hadrosaurs (was science proect)

 From: "Cunningham, Betty" <Cunningham@sega.com>

 > Duckbills are not as smart as crows. Brains are smaller, and they are
 > far removed from the line that generated birds.

Not only that: crows are among the smartest of birds, fully as smart as
many parrots (though not so smart as the African grey parrot). Even the
smartest known dinosaur - Troodon - would have been an idiot compared
to a crow.

 > Sluggish crocs that come on shore are usually full and trying to sleep
 > off a good kill-not a moment I would choose to approach.

Actually it is probably the safest moment to approach a croc, as
that is when they really don't care about much - they are very torpid.

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