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Re: "Sue", the K-T event, and an exploding planet.

At 12:42 PM 1/9/97 -0500, Steven S. Lazarus wrote:

>1) What is the truth about the "Living tissue found in Sue's thigh bone"?
>Does anybody know? Did anyone have time to study it before the government
>seized it?

   Doubt.  I don't think "Sue" was sufficient prepared for such a discovery
to be made.  If there WAS *living* tissue found, it sure as bleep wasn't

>2) Are most dinosaur skeletons found to be radioactive?

   Many are.  The bones of Ultraseismosupersaurus are radioactive, and they
weren't defleshed anywhere near the K-T event.

   IF anybody cares, the text of the court case that decided ownership of
"Sue," and an article detailing why "Sue" isn't public property, is
available on my website.

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