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Re: My Gr. 9 Science Fair Project: Questions

From: stevet@shelby.net (Stephen Throop)

 > Well, some say it's a big jump from dinosaurs to mammals, but okay.  Am
 > I right that modern African herd animals are in no danger of extinction
 > from the croc scourge?


 >  Do relatively few meet their fate in the jaws of a croc?

No. Crocs eat a fairly large number of them (perhaps not as many as lions
and hyenas eat, but still alot).

 > Wouldn't parsimony suggest the same relationship between hadrosaurs and
 > crocs?

Yep: that is crocs ate lots of hadrosaurs, and they survived by producing
lots of offspring.

 > >... Rarely, if ever, will the enter water to escape
 > >predators because predators can follow them into the water and because they
 > >risk the chance of being eatern by crocodiles. 
 > Great!  We're back to Della's question from two weeks ago!

Yep - and we get the *same* *answer* again.  Edmostosaura would have
been foolish to run into the water to escape a T. rex because:
        a) it wouldn't work anyway
        b) they would run a significant chance of being eaten by a croc.

Swimming speed is not that important in avoiding crocs, since crocs are
ambush hunters.

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