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Re: My Gr. 9 Science Fair Project: Questions

Stan Friesen wrote:

>From: stevet@shelby.net (Stephen Throop)
> > Edward Traxler wrote:
> >
> > > [...] The crocs did not bother the little hippo, even when it was
> > > shoved by an adult directly into the midst of the crocs.
> >
> > Perhaps the crocs didn't see the little hippo as food because they'd
> > never sampled one.
>I don't think so.  Hippos are among the meanest herbivores in existance.
>They are immensely dangerous.  I think Edward was right - it was simple
>avoidance of the most dangerous animal in the river - the hippo.

        In a photo-essay in a wildlife book years ago, I saw pictures of a
crocodile attacking and killing a hippo calf.  The text, if I recall
correctly, said that the calf was sick and was separated from its mother.
So maybe the crocs know from experience what their neighbors' dispositions
and intentions are.  And maybe the Mesozoic crocs were equally observant
and opportunistic when it came to attacking or keeping their distance from
visitors to their ponds.


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