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Re: "Sue", the K-T event, and an exploding planet.

Steven Lazarus wrote:

 > My questions are:
 > 1) What is the truth about the "Living tissue found in Sue's thigh bone"?
 > Does anybody know? ...

I seriously doubt *living* tissue.  That never survives long after
death of the organism.  On the other hand, many fossils retain original
*organic* material almost indefinately.  Could this be what tghe report

 > 2) Are most dinosaur skeletons found to be radioactive?

I wouldn't say most, but many are.  The Rocky Mountains are full of
radioactive minerals like Uranium. It doesn't take much recirculating
water to deposit measuarable amounts of Uranium or Radium onto fossilized
bone.  In short, fossils from in or near the Rockies, such as Sue,
tend to be radioactive just from long term exposure to radioactive
minerals.  This is quite normal.  I would attach no particular
importance to it if Sue were radioactive.

To give you an idea of the extent of this, much of the stone used in
construction in central Colorado is radioactive. (Don't live in a
stone house in Denver :-)

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