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Dinosaur Web Pages Grand Opening - Part I

Announcing the completion of Phase I in the ultimate metamorphosis of my

Home Page:     http://www.wam.umd.edu/~tmkeesey/index.htm
Dinosaur Page: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~tmkeesey/dinosaur/index.htm

The web site has been completely refurbished, with the following
new features:
-Tables of genera including species, etymology, epoch, continent, and
 body length
-New, sleeker, better look
-Redesigned text cladograms
-New illustrations in the text
-Greatly expanded glossary
-Updated information
  -In-depth Introduction
  -Phylogeny Chart

And these old favorites, fixed up:
-Dinosaur Art Gallery, featuring the work of five artists
-Pages for every major dinosaurian clade
-List of over 400 genera
-Dinosaur Record Breakers
-Dinosaur Books
-Paleontology Web Sites
-Ask Mike!

More is coming for Phase II, when the pages move to
Here's a sneak peek at some updates being planned:
-an exhaustively updated book list (with much help from Rachel Clark)
-a beautiful new phylogeny chart (courtesy of Marko Poznjak)
-new illustrations, including a completed Anatomy Page
-a new title

Come and rejoice in the Dinosauria!

-Michael Keesey
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