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Re: "Sue", the K-T event, and an exploding planet.

[ I squelched one message about Mr. Hoagland's "exploits" because they
  have nothing to do with dinosaurs.  However, for closure I'm
  allowing this message.  I do *not* share Steve's optimism that Mr.
  Hoagland will be in any way edified by the responses here because
  all I've heard of and from him suggests that he doesn't think
  like people I consider "reasonable".  Just a caveat for anyone who
  might think it worthwhile to follow Steven's leads below.  -- MR ]

Thanks to those who answered my questions regarding "Sue" and the
radioactivity of fossils. I am forwarding your responses to Mr. Hoagland
for his edification. I'm sure he will appreciate it. I was quite certain
there was a high degree of misinformation in his report, but I couldn't
remember the specifics which is why I turned to the list for help. If
anyone is interested in pursuing this further with Mr. Hoagland himself or
curious about his exploits, he has a web-site at

Thanks again,