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Re: Tripping the light fantastic (was _T. rex_ strikes)

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Joe Daniel wrote:

> [...] 
> If Rex extended his arms during a fall, with his mass he would break his arms
> like twigs.  Most likely he tucked them in to protect his arms from such a
> fate, just as most people do when they take a fall at high speeds.  However, I
> think that looking at the arms as an important factor during a fall may be a
> red herring.  Most likely it was just something that they had to handle as
> best they could with what they had.

Hmmm. Quite likely the case it'd break its arms with that mass. However, 
the rex has to hit with something, a something which most likely be its head.

Now, with all that mass impact being borne by the head it _seems_ like 
there'd be the potential for broken jaws, or fractures, or whatever.

Do any known rex skulls exhibit such injuries on the lower jaw?

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