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Re: Tripping the light fantastic (was _T. rex_ strikes)

In a message dated 01/11/97 3:37:19 AM, Rich Travsky wrote:

>Now, with all that mass impact being borne by the head it _seems_ like 
>there'd be the potential for broken jaws, or fractures, or whatever.

Perhaps.  Then again, animals tend to evolve forms that can withstand
typical stresses.  While Rex certianly would hit the ground hard, the
dynamics of it's skeleton should be able to withstand the average type
of fall.  AFAIK, tetrapod bodies tend to be remarkably resiliant,
being able to survive all kinds of wierd accidents and falls.  Unless
Rex was unfortunate to trip on a root close to a cliff, and go sailing
over the edge (Hey, a flying theropod!), it should be able to get up
after even the hardest of hits, dust itself off, and go about it's

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

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        -Lando Molari