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one more message

        Sorry to write so many, i'm just sending it off as it comes... 
a) anybody know if the various gliding reptiles are related or convergent
(i.e. are kuhneosaurus, daedelosaurus, icarosaurus, coelurosauravis
related to each other or are they separate evolutions of the gliding
b) Does archaeopteryx have a postorbital as in PDW?

c)Arm folding and wing folding:
        how much could Velociraptor fold its arm? Past the 90 degrees or
so claimed by Sereno? how about others (Oviraptor, Troodon, Ornitholestes,
        How about Archaeopteryx? This seems kind of vital, I mean, big
wings are a pain in either the trees or the ground if you can't get them
out of your way when climbing or running. The Solnholfen specimen (p 179
in encyc./pterosaurs) has the hand at about a sixty degree angle to the
forearm but it does not have the digits of the claws pointed forward, but
rather, backwards. Other cool things about this specimen is the tail,
brought up *past* the vertical and over the back as far as the neck, and
one of the toes which appears to be extended independently of the other
two- is this evidence of the roller joint cited by GSP? I can't make out
which toe it is...

        Nick L. 

        ('scuse me Mickey, I'm trying to be economical, I've just been
picking up a lot of papers recently and new questions/thoughts).