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Osteopathology Bibliography Update- Dino, Etc. Links Wanted

 Dr. Bruce Rothschild and I are working on a massive upgrade to our
osteopathy bibliography homepage which should happen by Easter at the
latest. Included in the revised homepage will be links to some
dinosaur homepages. If anyone is reading this that has their own
dinosaur or related site they would like to see linked onto ours,
please let me know. My only request for doing this is that you link my
site from yours. Also, any photographs of pathological dinosaur
material that you would like to see on our site is actively solicited.

Darren Tanke
Technician, Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada


Senior Editor on the:
Annotated Bibliography of Paleopathology, Dento-Osteopathy and Related Topics
10,930 citations as of Jan. 1, 1997.
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