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Jurassic Antibiotic!

        Hi everybody,

        I wish you the best findings and good health for 1997!

        I know this isn't exactly about dinosaur but I think it could be
interesting to bring it to the list. During Christmas time, I've seen a
small article in the french magazine Science & Vie talking about testing an
antibiotic made from a micro-organism found in a piece of amber a 130
million years old.

        The article doesn't give too much details but I give here a resume
of it. Results were very promising because the new antibiotic is strong
enough to kill actual living staphylococ that resist modern antibiotic. They
still have to determine if this "new" 130myo micro-organism is toxic to the
human body and if it's easy to have it in large quantity.

        The question that came to me was this: What do we know about
micro-organism that live at the same time of the dinosaurs? I know that
there is a hypothesis telling that maybe the Dinos went extinc because of
these little critters. If this is true, it could happen to us too. Has
anybody heard about this? Any comments?

The article was in Science & Vie, no.951, December 96, page 57.

Back to the future!!

>From Denis Bombardier (:­)>
amateur paleontologist
Que.Can. SMILEY@virtuel.qc.ca