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Ed's head is missing!

Well, not his skull this time :) but someone stole a 100 year old bust of
E. D. Cope from the Penn. Biology Dept. last fall.  Can you help us find
Ed and bring him home?  I am offering a reward for his return with their
blessings.  Jane D.

Do you know who stole E. D. Cope's bust from the Univ. of Pennsylvania
Biology department?   
I am offering a reward of $100. leading to its return.  Contact the Penn.
Biology department at 415 University Ave.  Philadelphia PA 19104 if you
can help get Ed's head back where it belongs.

[ Don't look at me... I haven't been there since August! -- MR ]

 Jane P. Davidson PhD 
University of Nevada Reno  
fax 702-784-6655