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Re: Reptiles NOT anaerobic

On Jan 9, 12:29pm, King, Norm wrote:

> But it is not just a rumor that living reptiles rely primarily on
> anaerobic metabolism for muscular activity.  As noted above, they RELY on
> anaerobic metabolism for doing anything except just sitting there, or
> perhaps leisurely feeding or casually slithering down to a water hole.

This is a bit misleading - all the published data shows that at normal
locomotory speeds (ie walking) living reptiles stay well within their
aerobic capacity.
 More active forms such as varanids have significantly greater aerobic

Anaerobism is needed for fleeing predators, fighting etc., is
sustainable for 2-30 minutes only and requires a long recovery period.
I suspect most species get through most days with no, or very little,
anaerobic activity.

Tony Canning