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James Norton asked..

> Do crocodilians have pleurocoels?  Do you mean modern crocs or extinct
> crocs?  Does anyone have a reference for this?  Since crocs form one
> part of the extant phylogenetic bracket, the presence of pleurocoels in
> crocs would shed new light on dinosaur lung structure.  

I'm pretty sure they don't. They do have air-filled sinuses in skull bones and
vertebrae, but these are closed (unlike pleurocoels which are linked to the
lungs and air sacs). In the 19th century there was argument over whether
sauropod pleurocoels were homologues of the crocodile sinuses - more recently
it's become evident that they are not closed, so are not the same. I think
turtles have similar sinuses in their skulls at least. 

Shoot me down if I'm off base here...

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