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RE: Tyrannosaurus arms

Rob said:

>First, a common aspect for any bipedal animal is that the center of
>gravity will be located roughly above the hips.  Therefore, all that
>Rex would have to do to get up is to push up with it's feet (Rex may
>have pushed both up and *back* to counter any unstability from that
>heavy head).

Um, Rob, above the hips of a T rex is only air---that is in the line that   
is perpendicular to the plane of the ground. The T rex's center of   
gravity is slightly above the middle of the hips and slightly forwards   
along the ray of the forepart of the pubis.  In a vertical line directly   
above the 'ball' of the foot during a stand.
A common aspect of VERTICAL bipeds is to have the center of gravity   
slightly above the hips, but T rex isn't vertical.
All T rex had to do was push up with the feet and swing half it's   
humongous mass in the opposite direction, just like a teeter-totter or   
Just nit-picking, but there you are.

 -Betty Cunningham