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New articles

I just recently received 1996 issue of Archaeopteryx. It's a 
publication from the Jura Museum in Eichstatt. There are 3 articles 
that are of importance to the Dinonet.

Griffiths, P. J., 1996. The Isolated Archaeopteryx Feather: 1-26.

It describes the first feather of Archaeopteryx in detail. The
conclusion is that this feather is smaller than any of the other
Archaeopteryx specimens. It either came from a juvenile specimen, an
Archaeopteryx bavarica specimen or a new genus. The excat locality and
horizon is in question.  Griffiths also, in his opion, states that
because of the feathers Archaeopteryx was endothermic.

Reichholf, J. H., 1996. Die Feder, die Mauser und der Ursprung der 
Vogel: 27-38.

This paper talks about feathers in general. Why birds molt, the 
evolution of feathers etc.

Ostrom, J.  H., 1996. The Questionable Validity of Protoavis: 39-42.

When I first saw the title in the order form I had hoped it would talk
about the taxonomy, morphology etc of Protoavis. But what it is is
more of a personal attack at Chatterjee. It seamed to be a very
unprofessional paper that laked any substance what so ever. I was
greatly disapppointed.