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Re: Waterhouse Hawkins' 1:12 models

Caitlin R. Kiernan wrote:

> Last night I was reading Martin J.S. Rudwick's truly wonderful book,
> SCENES FROM DEEP TIME (Univ. Chicago Press, 1992), and came across a
> couple of mentions in Chapter Five, "Domesticating the Monsters,"
> concerning "small-scale models [of Hawkins prehistoric animals] that
> were...marketed commercially." The footnotes referred me back to
> DINOSAURS: PAST AND PRESENT, where there's a photograph of one these
> models, Hawkin's quadrepedal, rhinoceros-like _Iguanodon_.

Sculptor Allen Debus of Hell Creek Creations is putting the finishing 
touches on a Hawkins hadrosaurus in resin. I have not seen one yet, but you 
can reach him at 1.630.289.7018. Hell Creek Creations, as well as many other 
scuptors, and illustrators can be seen on my web site named Dinosaur Art and 
Modeling. the URL address is:


Stop by when you can.

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