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Dinosaur tour

Dear all,

This is a brief announcement for an up-coming tour through dinosaur,
palaeontological and geological sites of western USA and Canada. Knowing
the list policy on advertising, I'll keep this brief and, if you want
further information, please contact me off-list.

Broad Horizon Tours will be conducting a tour of palaeontological and
geological sites in western USA and Canada from 21th September to 6th
October 1997. This tour is open to all interested people and parties. The
tour will be led by Dr David Roots (geologist) and me (palaeontologist and
all round fun guy) who provide a running commentary on the geology and
palaeontology encountered on the tour and answer all relevant questions.

The tour starts in Bozeman, Montana with a visit to the Museum of the
Rockies. We then travel to Choteou and visit Egg Mountain where we
anticipate assisting in excavations for a day. We then proceed through
Glacier National Park and on to Smashed-in-Head Buffallo Jump Site. At
Dinosaur Privincial Park we see various excavations before travelling on
the Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. At Drumheller we will
also take a day assisting in another dinosaur excavation. We then travel to
Banff and Lake Louise to see the Canadian Rockies and the Burgess Shale
sites. The tour then proceeds down the west coast looking mainly at
geological features such as volcanoes (Mt Ranier, Mt St Helens) and
fault-line geology (Yosemite NP etc). The tour concludes in LA with a visit
to the Page Museum and Le Brea Tar Pits.

There is also a previous tour (6th - 21th September) which covers from
Phoenix, Arizona to Bozeman which does cover some palaeontological sites
(Dinosaur NM, Fossil Butte NM, various footprint sites) but is more
strongly orientated toward geology (Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion,
Monument Valley, Arches NM, Yellostone NP etc).

For more information, please contact me off list.

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd