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Re: Leapin' Mosasaurs, Batman!

Dear Nick:

        I'd just like to add a little to Caitlin's reply to you concerning
the "unborn youngsters" in your question. Gordon Bell presented another
paper to SVP this year in New York City on his further research on these
specimens, and he presented a talk to our society on the topic that
        Why "unborn" vs. juvenile or new-borns? His work involving close
study of the small bones discovered many features indicating that these
were embryos and not new borns, including notochordal pits, haemal arches,
embryonic finger bones, dome-shaped cranial bones on the top of the
cranium, etc. 
        If they are embryos (obviously well along in development), then
the adult next to them must be a female and sexually mature !! Hence,
also, live births. His research struck me as a neat example of
paleontological detective work.

Don Phillips
N.Y. Paleontological Society