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Re: Camouflage

[ I thought I ended the croc thread, but I guess I never explicitly
  declared it dead.  Can we say this is the end of it? -- MR ]

I tend to agree with Steve Jackson.  Although his comment about modern
crocs vs. mesozoic crocs may have been badly worded (e.g. using the word 
"color"), his basic point about camoflage still stands.  Just because
modern crocs are easily spotted from the air, doesn't automatically mean
that mesozoic crocs lacked coloration, outline breaking stripes, or
whatever other mode of appearance-or even behavoir, as was pointed
out-they needed to be camoflaged.

Oxygen is overrated; after all, look what it did to Apollo 8.

[ I think you mean Apollo 1.  As I recall, Apollo 8 was the first
  mission to get to the moon (they orbited but did not land). -- MR ]