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Since Rauisuchid's have been a topic lately I thought this would be revelent.

An article by Galton and Walker has just been published;

Galton, Peter M., and Alick D. Walker, 1996. _Bromsgroveia_ from the
Middle Triassic of England, the earliest record of a poposaurid
thecodontian reptile (Archosauria: Rauisuchia). N. Jb. Geol. Palaont.
Abh, 201, Number 3 : 303-325.

Now, this gets complicated. 

First, _Bromsgroveia_ is a Poposaurid and belongs in the family
Poposauridae Nopcsa, 1928. They aggree with Long and Murry, 1995 that
Teratosaurus is a Rauisuchid and belongs in the family Rauisuchidae
HUENE, 1942. The problem is when Teratosaurus was in the family
Poposauridae, the family Teratosauridae COPE 1871 had priority, but
since Teratosaurus is now in Rauisuchidae the family Teratosauridae
has priority. Now if you want to be totally correct (as far as I
understand it) the family Rauisuchidae is sunk into the
Teratosauridae. Also, Postosuchus is a rauisuchid and not a

I hope that clears things up