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I went to the library today and looked up George's comment's on the
ICZN ruleing on Archaeopteryx.

Swinton, proposed the nameing of the holotype of _Archaeopteryx_ for
the BMNH specimen and not the feather in;

Swinton, W. E. 1960. Proposed addition of the generic name
_Archaeopteryx_ VON MEYER, 1861, and the specific name
_Lithographica_, VON MEYER, 1861, as published in the binomen
_Archaeopteryx Lithographica_ to the official lists (Class
Aves). Z. n. (S.) 1084. Bull. Zool. Nomencl. vol. 17, pts 6-8:

The ruleing was in his favor in;

Anonymous, 1961. Opinion 607, _Archaeopteryx_ Von Meyer, 1861 (Aves);
Addition to the Offical list. Bull. Zool. Nomencl. Vol. 18, Part 4:

So there is no worry that if the feather is found to belong to a
different genus, the name _Archaeopteryx_ is on the BMNH specimen.