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Nick's semi-recant on turbinates

[ Sorry about the subject line, but since there wasn't one I took
  advantage of what I expect to be one of my last opportunities to do
  this sort of thing. -- MR ]

        First, I should apologize for what was an inappropriate and
unprofessional comment, I felt egged on by Jones' post and circumstances
have contrived against getting much rest these days, but this still isn't
an excuse.
        Secondly, although I don't agree with the style in which this
subject is being dealt with, my research into the matter of RT last
night has shown to me that no, people are not doing their
homework. Just for example, there is evidence of endothermy in
primitive mammals, i.e.  respiratory turbinates. Most of the questions
you could ask about RT are in fact answered in Hillenius' (1990?)
Paleobiology article. Critics of the RT argument would do well to read
this article and others cited in the Aug 30 (1996) SCIENCE issue, if
they haven't already. I don't like the fact that Jones seems to regard
endotherm proponents as some kind of cult movement, similar in its
irrationality to Creationism, but it doesn't do well to argue that
impression by having many of us arguing badly. Those of us on the list
need to either go do more homework, or just leave Jones and others to
the No Direct Evidence mantra until the papers come on out the Chinese
theropod, and with any luck, our friend Pelicanimimus as well.

[ Thanks, Nick.  My faith in humanity is being restored! -- MR ]

        Nick L.