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Stegosaurus brain size

Dear All

I am a museum educator who teaches dinosaur classes and updates the
dinosaur training manual for our volunteers each year. In "101 Questions
About Dinosaurs," Phil Currie and his co-author state that the usual
quote for Stegosaurus of "brain the size of a walnut" based on the
braincase of an incompletely prepared specimen.  So, what is the  true
brain cavity size?  We use a walnut or a ping pong ball in our classes as
an object to show next to a cast of the skull.  What would be a suitable
substitute object to use to be more accurate?  Any recent references I
can look up for this?

Also, has anyone done a study concerning the relationship of brain to
body size in dinosaurs and then related that to carnivory vs herbivory? 
Please send me any references via addresses below.  Thanks!

J Molnar
Education Associate
Virginia Living Museum
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