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Re: My apologies, but... physiology revisited

        All right, let's all take five here...
        I will readily admit that I have not read the RT papers.  It seems
to me from what I've read about them that what we have here is fairly strong
evidence against full endothermic homeothermy.  Note well, folks, that this
is just *evidence*.  On a political issue like this, the *evidence* will
continue to flow for a long long time, so let's not run around going hog
wild on either side just yet.  Metabolics of extinct animals has gone
through many revolutions in its day, and I don't expect this to be the last
one.  Perhaps we should all just take a deep breath (through your nose),
re-examine our assumptions, and talk about something less controversial,
like taxonomy.

        Anyway, on RTs, the article Paul Willis cites about Mesozoic birds
lacking RTs sounds cool.  I'd sure like to get my hands on that one.  Anyone
who has read the earlier Chinsamy, Chiappe and Dodson (Dodson?) article on
growth rings in enantiornithine birds, or Chiappe's "First 5 Million
Years..." will know that there is other evidence for a different (but not
necessarily fully ectothermic, whatever that means) metabolism for early birds.
        For those who are interested, I invite you to get a copy of this
paper (ref not handy) and compare statements made about replacement of
earlier bone and Greg Paul's arguments (on this list) against the
conclusions of that report.  Sorry GSP, it really sounds like they address
your objection in the paper.

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