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Re: Nick's semi-recant on turbinates

From: Nick Longrich <longrich@stardot.com>

 >... Just for example, there is evidence of endothermy in primitive
 > mammals, i.e.  respiratory turbinates. Most of the questions you
 > could ask about RT are in fact answered in Hillenius' (1990?)
 > Paleobiology article.

1992.  If the library I use is open this Sunday, I will try to locate it.
However, one thing to note here is that Hillenius is the #2 author
or Ruben et alii's paper, so this is not exactly an independent position.

 > Critics of the RT argument would do well to read this article and
 > others cited in the Aug 30 (1996) SCIENCE issue, if they haven't
 > already.

I am working on it.  The library closed before I could get that far
Saturday.  What is more, I am using Science Citation Index to find
*other* articles on the subject, by authors not associated with the
Ruben et alii paper.

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