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Hi Gang

Micky's said that he is going back to an unmoderated list. I figured he would
just for the reasons he mentioned. Too much time. I would like to thank micky
for his expert handling of the list. Now without  a monitor it is even more
vital that we do two things. One put in the subject what your input is really
about. It only takes a second. second be more careful in talking about fact,
heresay, opinion, and what ever. Its ok to use these sources but just let us
know what the source of your input is will prevent a lot of confusion and
help the list make a lot more sense.

[ I haven't yet made the switch; I'll tell you when it's done.  In any
  case, as a note of clarification: as moderator I never intentionally
  did anything to affect the content of the list re: Paul's point
  number 2 above.  Nevertheless I agree with his sentiments on the
  issue.  Point 1 is a point of contention I'll stay away from.  I've
  stepped into enough this past week... -- MR ]

paul sparks