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Re: Gr. 9 Sc: Pesky Harmonics

>To All:
>I have received an off-line message from Mr. Hernan Toro of the Universidad
>Pontificia Bolivariana in which the following points are made.  Dr. Toro is
>an electronics engineer.  I have asked for, and been given, permission to
>quote from his message.  In giving permisssion Mr. Toro asked that I add:
>"Mr. Toro said they were conjectures."
>1.  The long wave lengths that come with low frequencies would be so much
>longer than the thickness of any lining of a hadrosaur's airway that the
>difference between the real situation and my model can be ignored.
>2.  Any vocalization would probably include high frequency harmonics which
>would be detected by predators.  However, it is possible that these higher
>frequencies would be dampened by the lining so that predators could not hear
>them after all.

        Why might the predators be unable to hear the low frequency



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