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RE: Brachiosaurus & giraffes

>(don't know who said it; my e-mail at work was set up by someone that
>decided to cut all of that information out for all e-mail from outside
>mailing lists.  I only know who sent something if you actually included
>your name in the body of the message. I can't be the only one with this
>primitive set-up, either)
>>I understand that Brachiosaurus is the only (or one of the only)
>>with forelegs longer than hind legs.  The giraffe shares this feature.
> This
>>leaves them both somewhat vulnerable when drinking water or feeding on
>Brachiosaurs have an advantage over giraffes in that their neck is longer
>than the length of their front legs.  Giraffes have short necks,
> -Betty

        Plus, the number of vertebrae in the neck differs.  All mammals,
from giraffes to mice have the same number of vertebrae in the neck--is it
six?  Since sauropods had more vertebrae, maybe they had more mobility in
their necks.  Surely they didn't have to stand splay-footed to drink like
giraffes do.


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