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re:The coming change...

Mickey's done a great job, and is still doing a great job, but....
(Mickey said:)
> and attributions won't always
>be so clear.  Some people (e.g. those that are occasionally called
>Tim) might want to start making sure that when they compose a reply
>they stick in the author of the message to which they're responding.
>Else every message they respond to will have ostensibly been written
>by "you".

  I want to point out that the mail-server I have at work was set up by   
our systems admin, who has decided for all using our in-house net, that   
we would be best served if the e-mail coming in from outside our local   
net was trimmed of all useless text such as source e-mail addresses.
 Therefore when I recieve any e-mail from the dinosaur list, the only   
information that appears is the body of the message, and the source   
e-mail address which appears as OWNER-DINOSAUR (with properties of   
 Because of this, I don't know who is writing the message as I have when   
subscribed from other servers UNLESS THEY TAKE THE TIME TO SIGN THEIR   
NAME IN THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE.  Just a brief name will do if you don't   
want to crowd your email with a 'sig'.  If you actually include your   
e-mail address in the body of your message as well, me and people like me   
can even respond off-line, if appropriate.
 I would recommend if Mickey asks us to attribute what we are responding   
to by including an actual name, that you take just a moment to sign your   
e-mails for those of us who's net-admin's where trained by neanderthals   
about proper net-etiquette.

 -Betty                   (see, like that-real simple, isn't it)