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Re: Clade II

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

>      Back again.  I'm taking both "Comparative Animal Physiology" and
> "Ornithology" this semester, so I plan to study the dinosaur metabolism
> debate on my own time.  A couple questions first: 1) besides Allosaurus
> and the new DNM theropod, how many theropods (yes yes, I mean besides
> birds, sigh...) have furcula?  
        Oviraptor has a very robust furcula. Tyrannosaurus also has a
furcula. I believe that a furcula was reported for
Troodon or Saurornithoides or someone, but that this was then taken to be
a gastralium, but now many gastralia turn out to be furculae after all.
Sinornithoides is supposed to have clavicles, but I wonder if it could
have been broken by the same crushing that put Velociraptor 's coracoid
inside the rib cage. The reported furcula and the reported clavicles are
both very slender compared to the Oviraptor furcula.