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SVP Meeting '96

I know that there has already been discussion on the list of what took place
at the SVP meeting, but I got more information from this month's (December)
Dino Times (the Dinosaur Society's childrens newsletter.  Hey, I'm a teacher
and I use the information I get from it in class.  Besides, I find it is a
great way to find out about new finds.).  What I read in it did not appear
(that I found) in previous discussions on the list.  I wonder if people who
did attend could help fill me in a little bit better on the following items:

1.  How much material was found of the two new ankylosaurs that Carpenter et
al. presented?  Is there a paper coming soon?

2.  What is the story on the new iguanodontid and titanosaurid from the
Early Cretaceous of Utah?  All the information I got is a picture of one
vertabra of the "ouranosaurid?".  For the titanosaur, it says teeth and
vertabrae.  Could somebody elabourate?

3.  How primitive is the new Triassic theropod from New Mexico?  They said
it is not much younger than Herrarasaurus, but is it that primitive, or is
it more like Coelophysis?

4.  Finally, how much new material is there in the new Ampheocoelias find?
About how much is now known of it?

I would appreciate any information people are willing to give me.  Although
I am not an SVP member, I got to go to the meeting in Pittsburg in '95 for
the Dinosaur Society Luncheon and was able to steal a peek at the posters.
This year I could not make it.

On another note, is there any new information on the new (within the last
few years)  and fairly complete brachiosaur from the Morrison of Colorado (I
think it was)?

Sorry my first letter was so long (I have already been told I am too
impatient in my quest for new information by Dr. Holtz) and thank you in


"the truth is, I don't really care how the dinosaurs died.
I'm interested in how they lived."  (Dr. John R. Horner,
from the Complete T.rex, 1993)
Although the Mike Harris cutback theory intrigues me...