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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #66

Phil Currie informs me that the feathered theropod from China was formally
named and preliminarily described in the following paper:

Ji Qiang & Ji Shuan, 1996. "On discovery of the earliest bird fossil in China
and the origin of birds," _Chinese Geology 10_ (233): 30-33 [in Chinese].

I have yet to see the paper, but the feathered theropod is, as noted in
numerous news accounts, named _Sinosauropteryx prima_. Its publication date
evidently >precedes< the news releases I noted in my previous post on this
species, so the genus was not a _nomen nudum_ in those news releases. Too bad
none of them cited the paper itself. A longer, more detailed description is
in preparation.

In addition, the genus was placed in its own family, Sinosauropterygidae, and
order, Sinosauropterygiformes, as if it were some kind of paleobird genus
rather than a theropod dinosaur.

So the listing for _Sinosauropteryx_ should be emended to

Sinosauropteryx Ji Q. & Ji S., 1996

Genera count remains unchanged at 801.