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Hello again y'all. I've just received a frantic email from Neil Clark about
_Neovenator_: apparently the press are going wild about it. Also, my supervisor
Dr. Ian Harding (yes, small world eh Neil) has just said that Steve Hutt (namer
and describer of _Neovenator_) has been getting 5 minute slots on the local
news. All of this press frenzy suggests that the description of _Neovenator_ has
finally been published. I'll let you all know if I hear anything further.

For those of you that don't know, _Neovenator_ is a new allosaurid from the Isle
of Wight Wealden. It's like _Allosaurus_, but with a more curving snout profile.
The name was previously published by Steve Cole in _Dinosaur Discoveries_: Steve
quoted something I said here on the list (I'd rather he hadn't of, but he didn't
ask) so the attribution of the name as a nomen nudum was (as of DinoGeorge's
list) _Neovenator_ Naish 1996. If the formal publication is now out, that
attribution gets chucked. Just hope Steve (Hutt) doesn't kill me.

"And I though these things smelt bad.. on the outside"