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OK folks, eyes down for a full mouse.

There is a reasonable chance that this year I will be able to attend the
SVP meeting in Chicago. I assume that, as part of this, there will be a
dinner or some activity for Dinolist members to meet and finally get to
slag each other off in person. Is this correct? If not, what is the
interest in arranging such an event?

Carrying the idea one step further, in discussions with another list member
who, for her own protection and honour best remain nameless, we developed
another idea; a series of light-hearted awards to be presented in the
course of such an evening (assuming that it eventuates). So far we have
thought of awards in the following catagories:

Most odious post
Most provocative question asked
Consistent, fair and reasonable answers
Best one-liner
Funniest category
Longest post ultimately not worth reading
"Could you repeat that for me again, and again?"
The deja vu thread

We are, of course, open to any other suggestions.

Voting would be over Email and, for prizes, we could ask for a dozen
volunteers to each provide a single, wrapped gift of no more than $10 value
to be pooled and given out at random to the winners.

How does everybody feel about this? And, seeing that I have probably
already taken too much off-topic band width with this post, please reply to
me directly and I will post the results in a week or two. I need to know;

Do you favour a Dinolist Dinner to be held during the SVP?

Do you support the idea of list awards to be presented at the Dinner?

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd