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New Dino Volume

I just received the Proceedings of the Gondwanan Dinosaur Symposium 
volume today and I wanted to give a quick review. I haven?t had time to 
really read it just yet.

Chatterjee S. & Rudra, K. K., 1996. KT events in India: impact, 
rifting, volcanism and dinosaur extinction: 489-532.

This article talks about the Shiva Crater, which is bigger than the 
Chicxulub Crater. They are both about the same age. The article also 
talks about the dinosaurs from the Latest Cretaceous of India. 

Chiappe, L. M., 1996. Early avian evolution in the Southern Hemisphere: 
the fossil record of birds in the Mesozoic of Gondwana: 533-556.

An excellent over view of the Mesozoic birds from Gondwana.

Chiappe, L. M., 1996. Phylogenetic position of Mononykus (Aves: 
Alvarezsauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert: 557-582.

Now I finally understand where Mononykus goes (It seams that it only 
had to be pounded into my head!)

Gasparini, Z., Pereda-Suberbiola, X & Molnar R. E., 1996. New data on 
the ankylosaurian dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of the Antarctic 
Peninsula: 583-594.

This article is about a fragmentary nodosaur? From the Antarctic.

Jacobs, L. L., Winkler, D. A., & Gomani, E. M., 1996. Cretaceous 
dinosaurs of Africa: examples form Cameroon and Malawi: 595-610.

An excellent overview of the Cretaceous dinosaurs from Africa.

Kellner, A. W. A., 1996. Remarks on Brazilian dinosaurs: 611-626.

An excellent overview of the dinosaurs from Brazil. (Which isn?t much!)

Loyal, R. S., Khosla, A. & Sahni, A., 1996. Gondwanan dinosaurs from 
India: affinities and Palaeobiogeography: 627-638.

A good overview of the dinosaurs from India.

Molnar, R. E./, 1996. Observations on the Australian ornithopod 
dinosaur, Muttaburasaurus: 639-652.

Molnar talks about a new skull of Muttaburasaurus (sp) and about the 
original specimen.

Molnar, R. E., 1996. Preliminary report on a new ankylosaur from the 
Early Cretaceous of Queensland, Australia: 653-668.

Molnar describes a new nearly complete articulated ankylosaur as  
Minimi sp., partially mummified.

Molnar, R. E., Lopez Angriman, A & Gasprini, Z, 1996. An Antarctic 
Cretaceous theropod: 669-674.

This is a distal end of a tibia that looks like Piatnitzkysaurus.

Novas, F. E, 1996. Alvarezsauridae, Cretaceous basal birds from 
Patagonia and Mongolia: 675-702.

Patagonykus is described, and it is with out a shadow of a doubt that 
it belongs in the same family as Mononykus. 

Raath, M. A., 1996. Earliest evidence of dinosaurs from Central 
Gondwana: 703-710.

He talks about some fragmentary dinosaurs from Africa.

Rich, T, 1996. Significance of polar dinosaurs in Gondwana: 711-718.

Vickers-Rich, P., 1996. Early Cretaceous polar tetrapods from the Great 
Southern Rift Valley, southeastern Australia: 719-724.

Both these articles are a very good overview of polar dinosaurs.

Wiffen, J., 1996. Dinosaurian palaeobiology: a New Zealand perspective: 

This article talks about some fragmentary dinosaur remains.

All in all, a very excellent book. 

It costs $30, but with it delivered by mail, another $20.