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Re: dinosaur mailing list

> Subject: Re: Turbinates in man; t rex questions
> > That is, do Naked Mole Rats [_Heterocephalus glaber_] even have respitory
> > turbinates at all?  If they are so useless to ectotherms as Ruben et al
> > claim, then there should be no use for them in ectothermic NMRs.
> > 
> > If they are in fact present in NMRs, I think it might make a point that RTs
> > are just interesting structures in the noses of mammals and advanced birds
> > that have something to do with regulating water loss but have no direct
> > baring on physiology.  Does anyone know?
> > 
> > Peter Buchholz
> > Stang1996@aol.com (for a few more days anyway)
> Man has three sets of turbinates.  The inferior turbinates are 
> responsible for your runny nose due to allergens and colds(immune 
> response).  I do not know if this applies to all mammals (or most or some) 
> or birds at all.
> I have a couple of questions for you t rex experts.  What is the 
> biting power assumed to be? (range)  Do you think it could see higher 
> and/or lower wavelengths of light than us?  What do you think 
> gestation time would be?  How fast would it reach the size of say a 
> cow?  How many eggs would it lay?
> Michael Teuton
> tons@netside.com
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