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Fwd: My Gr. 9 Science Fair Project

Am i supposed to be recieving this mail.
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At 02:19 PM 01/01/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Yeah, I wonder about the lack of an acoustic coupler, like the bell of a
>trumpet or the mouth of a mammal.  It seems as if a duckbill toot would
>be only as loud as someone humming.

Are you saying that hadrosaurs could not make sounds through their mouths?
I know that a sound through the mouth would not make use of the nasal
resonator, but why couldn't it be loud?

The lack of an acoustic coupler (Thank you for this term.) would limit the
volume of sound produced by the nasal resonator but it couldn't it still be
fairly loud?  I've been using my PVC pipe model to help my parents wake up
my brother in the morning and it seems to do the job!  I suspect that a
hadrosaur had stronger lungs than I do.

To change the subject, I have a general question.  The lowest frequency I've
been able to produce with my model is 50 Hz.  I keep seeing references in
the literature to frequencies as low as 10 Hz.  (For example, see:
http:/www.abqjournal.com/fleck/1flec5-3.htm)  What am I missing?

Della Drury