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Re: "Cope's Rule" Put to the Test

In a message dated 97-01-26 15:00:56 EST, znc14@ttacs1.ttu.edu (Jonathan R.
Wagner) writes:

<< >Rather, I say that BCF provides an instance of a phylogeny that >follows<
 >Cope's Rule and is not an exception to it.
         And this implies that Cope's rule is a workable construct, for which
 exceptions must be justified.  No evidence. >>

Name a genus of horse, fossil or recent, that is smaller than
_Hyracotherium_. Name a tetrapod family or other clade most of whose included
genera and species are of a >significantly< smaller adult size (factor of two
or more) than its earliest-known member or hypothesized common ancestor. For
every one you name of the latter, I'll name three that show the opposite